Anecdote about the brand name 'HAYANI'


"It all started when one of my friends suggested using 'HAYANI', from my last name 'EL HAYANI', as a brand name.  At first, I must admit I was quite hesitant to the idea, but to my big surprise, when I looked up the meaning of 'HAYANI' I got very excited. Read more

After discovering that ‘HAYANI’ means ‘Home’ in south African language (Venda), in my heart I somehow knew I just found the right name for my brand.To me, the meaning of ‘Home’ is not so much of a place. It is more than just a bricks and mortar where we land at the end of the day. It is state of mind affected by feelings. Something that is deeply tied to emotions.You probably heard of the expression ‘home is where the heart is’. Well, this is the closest way to describe my feeling about ‘HAYANI’ since then.

Put simply, my brand HAYANI is about this genuine joyful moment of ‘Home feeling’ which natural food ingredients convey to me, particularly 'Terroir' produces with their unique splash of vitality and vibrant flavours – impossible to reproduce despite some efforts to replicate precise tradition and methods – due to the unique conditions and characteristics of the land they come from.

This said, 'HAYANI' is also a translation of this powerful sensation I nurture, and enjoy whenever I introduce HAYANI’s products to someone. Whether to a friend, a professor, a chef, a potential customer, or simply a new acquaintance curious to know about HAYANI Ltd, sharing HAYANI's food products with others makes me happy."

(HAYANI's Founder)

Finally, to complement the message behind the brand, it was natural to give a little node to the 'Terroir', as a reference to the particularity and uniqueness of the land and environment from which HAYANI's products are sourced. But, ultimately, there is nothing better than letting the products speak for themselves about their 'Terroir' through the taste!