AMLOU is a functional food praised for its anti-aging properties—which means consuming it regularly contribute to good health and longevity. With its uniquely balanced Argan oil & Almond blend, AMLOU contributes to:

Lowering bad Cholesterol

Boosts the body’s Immune System

Helps with Digestion

Protects against Cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes

Provides necessary energy and strength for the day

Packed with healthy unsaturated fats—not all fats are created equally, and HAYANI’s AMLOU is packed with only the best, good for your brain, and providing you a last long energy.

No added sugar—meaning HAYANI’s AMLOU is healthfully indulgent and you can enjoy yourself eating this delicacy guilt free.

Great source of high-quality protein—HAYANI’s AMLOU is the ideal snack to fill yourself up in between meals. Fill in couple Medjool dates with this Amlou and you get the perfect workouts companion, to boost your performance and help your muscle recovery.