When a latent passion got unleashed,

HAYANI Limited was finally born...


"I love food. I like to know where my food comes from, who made it, and the history behind it. Although it may sound a bit nerdy, it is a pure joy for me to geek out over natural food ingredients!

The world of food has always aroused my interest and fascination from an early age. Most of my fondest childhood memories involve food. Read more

I was born and raised in Morocco, one of the world greatest gastronomic destinations, known for its hospitality and culinary heritage with exceptional richness and variety. Growing up surrounded by talented cooks, starting with my grandmother (who genuinely transmitted her knowledge and passion for cooking to my mum and my eight aunts), I developed a deep appreciation for wonderfully prepared family home meals, made with fresh ingredients and flavourful mix of spices, which colours, smell and taste, would stimulate anybody's taste buds, leaving you with fond, everlastingly cherished nostalgia.

I still recall the delicious dishes my grandmother made using fresh seasonal ingredients, carefully bought by my grandfather who would go early in the morning to get the best and 'la crème de la crème' of the produces from the local market.

Going to the market was a daily routine my grandfather looked forward to. He enjoyed the process of buying the food and it was quite a big deal to him. He would take his time to smell, touch, and feel the fruits and vegetables before buying them and would not hesitate to ask about their provenance, to make sure they are fresh and "grown locally" (what we call back home "Beldi").

After spending an hour in the market (I am being nice for not saying two hours), my grandfather would come back looking proud with his purchases of the day, bringing along a fantastic aroma from the cocktail of goods he bought for my grandmother's lunch feast.

Once these ingredients reached my grandmother's kitchen, she would then meticulously wash them and chop them, before patiently slow cooking them with love, passion and attention. warming up a frozen pre-cooked meal or "grabbing a quick bite" were not concepts I was raised on. In the family, food time is a precious moment where everyone comes together, to take time to talk to each other and savour every bite we eat. My grandparents taught us to always treat mother nature's food with appreciation and gratitude.

As far as I remember, waste of food was not permitted. Leftovers were always recycled and transformed to side dishes for dinner. My grandmother never took the food she made for granted. She took pleasure in cooking for her husband, her children and grand-kids (including me), we all could feel her love through her food. 

No one in the family could compete with my grandmother's cooking talents, and her home-made bread is the best I have ever tasted in my life so far. I had such a strong love bond with her bread.  When I was studying in France, there was a period where I was feeling homesick and I was so desperately missing my grandmother's yummy bread that my mum shipped it to me all the way from Morocco to Toulouse, via travel coach! 

When you love, you just love!

Such memories undoubtedly have played a huge influence in my upbringing but little did I know that years later (in 2017), studying my master’s degree in Management abroad, in London, would awaken an inner passion about food, certainly inherited from my grandparents, which blossomed into HAYANI Limited: an old latent dream which I am blessed I was able to bring into reality.

This said, I wish from the bottom of my heart that our HAYANI’s food products will become an integral part of your kitchen, so that you could experience the sensation of pleasure our Argan oil provides via simple, easy, daily, healthy gourmets such as a chunky loaf of bread, drizzled with HAYANI's Moroccan Argan oil."

(HAYANI's Founder)