We are proud to be the first British Company to supply 100% Pure Culinary Argan Oil, holding the Moroccan certified Appellation of Origin "IGP" (PROTECTED GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION).

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The Moroccan IGP Argan oil certification is currently the only label which offers maximum guarantee in terms of the product’s authenticity and quality. Same as the French wine appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) system, Moroccan IGP Argan appelation system is based around the concept of "unique product from a unique area" (AKA Terroir).

This means, not only the product quality and traceability are constantly controlled and monitored, to insure the oil's consistent compliance with the international quality standards, but also the strict IGP production regulations are guaranteed to be met (i.e: the entire chain of the production process, from the plant to the packaging, is guaranteed to be exclusively made in determined region or zone ( which is the UNESCO protected Argan Biosphere Reserve in the south west of Morocco).

Our culinary Argan oil is the highest quality you could possible find: 100% PURE, GENUINE, ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLE, ETHICALLY SOURCED, and most importantly, PRODUCED WITH METICULOUS CARE.

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The taste, colour and quality of Argan oil are greatly affected by its production process. Recently, it was scientifically backed up that the methods of extraction have a considerable influence on the Argan oil’s physiochemical composition and characteristics.

When producing the roasted version of culinary Argan oil, for instance, the roasting stage preceding the extraction is crucial (as it is the case for coffee beans). For a high-quality oil, the Argan kernels should be slightly roasted (not grilled or burned) by meticulously monitored temperature and time. Otherwise, the nice nutty aroma that a high-quality Argan oil is known for will be altered, and all the goodness of the oil in terms of vitamin E, anti-aging and antioxidant properties, will be lost and the oil will rancid faster.

It is this roasting stage which often differentiates the qualities of the roasted version of culinary Argan oil and defines the final colour of the oil: a colour with slightly amber-honey tinge is what you should be looking for. The darker is the colour (toward a bronze hue) the more likely the oil has undergone an ‘over-heated’ roasting stage!