Take your HAYANI’s Culinary ARGAN oil and poor it into a freshly stoneground Almond Butter and you have one of the most unbelievable food experiences of your life, otherwise known as AMLOU.Read more

AMLOU is a delicious artisanal brown spread, traditionally made by women and known as a specialty from the South of Morocco.

The surprising and unparalleled nutty taste of AMLOU, is obtained by grinding Almond mixed with Argan oil, using a stone mill to preserve the great taste and aroma of this rare delicacy. The result is a creamy paste (smooth like Peanut Butter), with a glossy texture, rich in flavour, easily spreadable, perfectly balanced and full of health benefits, since its key ingredient is Argan oil— which gives a whole palette of deferent flavour to the spread.

Our AMLOU is a 100% plant-based traditional recipe to be enjoyed by all (Vegans, you can dig in as well!).Read more

Delicious and healthy, HAYANI's spread is made solely from a perfect blend of the finest ingredients, with No Artificial Flavors, No Added Sugar, No Preservatives and No Palm Fat or Emulsifiers.

Only two natural and healthy plant-based ingredients are used in HAYANI’s AMLOU: Argan oil and Almond.