The best part about AMLOU is that it pairs well with pretty much everything…



In Morocco, AMLOU is typically eaten at breakfast time or served as a dip after meal, especially with tea. It is excellent as a spread on bread, "Baghrir" (Moroccan semolina pancakes), crêpes and waffles.

Smashing in smoothies, on toast, pancakes, and as a filling or topping for cake and desert, this Argan-rich delicacy offers a light nutty flavour which adds an extra dimension to dishes as diverse as casserole, cakes, salads, steak, and pasta.

Flavoursome condiment, AMLOU adds a delightful nuttiness to any base sauce—in both sweet and savoury recipes.

Highly nutritious, AMLOU is also a healthy snack companion. It can be enjoyed dipped with fruits or vegetables, stirred through porridge, combined with yoghurt, or straight from the spoon.