Argan spread ‘AMLOU’


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Delicious and healthy, HAYANI’s AMLOU is made solely from a perfect blend of the finest ingredients, with No Artificial Flavors, No Added Sugar, No Preservatives and No Palm Fat or Emulsifiers. Only two natural and healthy plant-based ingredients are used in HAYANI’s AMLOU: Argan oil and Almond. 


With its uniquely balanced Argan oil & Almond blend, AMLOU contributes to:

Lowering bad Cholesterol

Boosts the body’s Immune System

Helps with Digestion

Protects against Cardiovascular diseases and Diabetes

Provides necessary energy and strength for the day


In Morocco, AMLOU is typically eaten at breakfast time or served as a dip after meal, especially with tea. It is excellent as a spread on bread, “Baghrir” (Moroccan semolina pancakes cousin of the British Crumpet), crêpes and waffles.

Smashing in smoothies, on toast, pancakes, and as a filling or topping for cake and dessert, AMLOU offers a light nutty flavour which adds an extra dimension to dishes as diverse as casserole, cakes, salads, steak, and pasta.

Flavoursome condiment, AMLOU adds a delightful nuttiness to any base sauce—in both sweet and savoury recipes.

Highly nutritious, AMLOU is also a healthy snack companion. It can be enjoyed dipped with fruits or vegetables, stirred through porridge, combined with yoghurt, or straight from the spoon.

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