Yummy but also HEALTHY...



“The health benefits of Argan oil really are magical.” (Paula Wolfert)

Because of the increasing demand of healthy diet menus, Argan oil is undoubtedly becoming the latest-hard to find ingredient that Chefs worldwide are reaching for. But, aside from its unique flavour profile, deliciously nutty taste and versatile dressing application, Argan Oil is greatly appreciated and valued for its nutritional properties promoting human health. Read more

Until recently, Argan oil has been a well-kept secret by the local people in the South-West of Morocco, who not only have cooked with it but also have benefited from its dietary properties for centuries. The discovery of the health-promoting characteristics of Argan oil by the modern world has led it to become one of the most sought-after natural oil.

Rich source of good essentials fats (80% unsaturated fatty acids) and heart-healthy omega (6 & 9); packed full of Vitamin E (with Vitamin E content about three time higher than olive oil), high in phytosterols (famous, and scientifically proven, for their ability to help lower cholesterol) and flavonoids (most well-known for their potent antioxidant power), Argan oil is often dubbed by ‘The gold that grows on trees’ for its rarity and multiple health benefits.

Scientific researches suggest that consumption of Argan oil can act as therapeutic “green medicine” in various health issues...Read more

In fact, as a part of a balanced diet, regular consumption of Argan oil (about a spoonful per day) have antioxidant effects, neutralizing free radical agents, and could potentially help to:

Lower bad cholesterol

Stimulate blood circulation

Help fight inflammatory diseases

Strengthen the natural body’s immunity

Improve digestion

Assist with regulating blood sugar and decrease insulin resistance.

Reduce risks for heart disease, stroke and heart attacks.

Incorporating Argan oil into a balanced diet may also reduce the risk of cancer. Read more

Argan oil has been shown to have anti-proliferation action reducing the cells spread and rate division of prostate cancer cells. A 2006 study in Cancer Investigation highlighted that components contained in Argan oil were able to reverse the cancerous effect of carcinogens on prostate cells.