“Argan oil only became a food thing outside of Morocco very recently when French chefs started putting it on everything."  (Paula Wolfert)

More for seasoning and less for cooking, culinary Argan oil will bring depth, flavour and exotic touch to any of your culinary creations (with health benefits as a bonus!).

Like truffle oil, Argan oil is better used as a finishing oil.

As versatile as olive oil, but with a distinctive delicious nutty flavour giving it a unique appeal —sought after by chefs— Argan oil is suitable for drizzling over finished dishes, at the end of a sauté, grilled or steamed vegetable, soups, rice, pasta, polenta, grains and even creamy desserts.

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Great companion to kick start your morning with a delicious nutty taste, try this gourmet oil over breakfast porridge and oats or drizzled it over a pancake (mixed with honey), add it to a pan of fried or poached eggs before you plate them, or simply savour the oil alone over a crunchy toast or dipped in with a chunk of fresh, juicy bread.

For lunch or dinner, Argan oil accompanies perfectly vegetarian recipes. Toss it on dishes using wild mushroom, or simply liven up some mashed potatoes (or mushy pies) with a drop of it, you will be surprised by the divine flavour it brings to these classics.

Many type of meats pair well with Argan oil, so do not hesitate to finish a fish fillet, a piece of lamb or a nice roast turkey with Argan oil – then wait for the culinary alchemy to unfurl, you will be amazed how this oil make simple things feel special!

Argan oil makes also an excellent garnish sauce and salad dressing. You could even try mixing it with olive oil. The flavour of Argan oil is strong enough that it will come through.

No need to add much to your food, whether you use Argan oil with your existing favourite recipes or make knew one, sprinkling few drops is enough to make just about anything tastes heavenly.

With Argan oil, you only use about 30-35% of the amount that you would use of other extra virgin oils. Meaning, every tablespoon (15 ml) of ordinary extra virgin oil, is equivalent to less than a tablespoon (5 ml) of Argan oils.